Our Vision

The HASHPPAC will collaborate across diverse sectors of our community to develop a city-wide system that gives our youth hope for the future, and opportunity to reach their goals. The committee will work for providing medically accurate, comprehensive sexual health education to our youth. We will lay the foundation for providing Holyoke’s teens with the capacity for making healthy choices and the opportunity for accessible sexual health services and information. The accountability committee aims for a Holyoke that offers each youth a well rounded education, access to services, and community engagement that contributes to the success of our city and its residents.


Education Committee
committee chair, Nancy Gilbert

To advocate for the implementation of effective [medically accurate] comprehensive sexual health education at the school and community level. To advocate for effective teacher, community-based organization staff member and parent training and education that will promote access to high quality, sexual health education.

“knowledgeable people teaching factual information” 

  • Implement PPLM parent education workshops “Let’s be Honest”
  • Implement a sexuality education curriculum in  middle schools
       Education Collective Impact Worksheet
       Parent Events Summary
       Education Collective Impact Worksheet 12-4-12
       Education Collective Impact Indicators

       Education report- June 4, 2013

Access Committee
Committee Chair, Lori Chaves of Head Start

Community Engagement
committee chair, Sandy Ziemenski of Holyoke Board of Health 


  • Increase committee members
  • Media Campaign
  • Continue national TPP event "You Have Choices" 
  • Use technical and other support to reach targeted population 
        Community Engagement Collective Impact Worksheet
        Community Engagement Collective Impact Worksheet 12-4-12
        Community Engagement Collective Impact Indicators